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We currently do not accept international orders. Once your order is confirmed we will hold live animals for 10 days until payment arrives. We require payment at the time of your order, we will hold orders prior to recieving payment only if you provide us with a tracking number so we can track payment.

All payments for orders must be made in U.S. funds by money order, cashier's check or credit card. Please do NOT send personal checks or cash. All Texas residents will have 8.25% sales tax added to their order. Most shipping costs range from $20-$100 depending on number of animals and size of them.

Orders are shipped with Styrofoam-lined boxes, and cool packs and heat packs depending on the weather. All venomous snakes are shipped Delta Dash to your nearest major airport of your choice. Delta Dash usually runs about $115.00. Plus a $25 Box. Most types of animals can be shipped via U.P.S. (if not air cargo); we will not ship any other service without voiding our live arrival guarantee. Shipments are sent out on Monday thru Thursday.

All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy if picked up within 4 hours of arrival. We do not have these guarantees on discounted animals and/or shipments delayed beyond our control. Please notify us of any problems within 24 hours of receiving shipment to for possible adjustments. We will not be held responsible for additional shipping charges on replacement animals.

The sale of endangered or protected wildlife is contingent upon the issuance of permits by applicable authorities. All venomous reptiles are not sold to persons under 18 years of age or to areas where they are prohibited. NO other species are sold to areas where that species is prohibited.

Please check your local and state laws before placing an order.

Florida residents must show us a current Florida venomous permit to purchase any venomous reptiles. Scorpions that are not in the genera Hadogenes, Hadrurus, Heterometrus and Pandinus will not be sold to Florida residents without a Florida Arthropod Permit. Any species that are not permitted to be shipped across state lines will not be shipped across state lines.

If you have any questions or would like to make a phone order please call (254) 542-8200 between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday - Sunday.

To place an order you must agree to these terms and conditions.


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